Beat Culture

Beat Culture is the moniker of producer and instrumentalist Sunik Kim. Kim was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Tokyo and continued on to high school in the United States. Currently a college sophomore, his exposure to a variety of cities has informed his eclectic sound, which often seems to be on the verge of unraveling, chaotic, and abrasive as much as it is streamlined and pop-minded. After nearly two years dedicated to writing since his 2012 self-released debut full-length, Tokyo Dreamer, Kim is reemerging with brand new material highlighting a more mature focus. In early 2014 he will release his two singles "Drifter" and "Shibuya" physically and digitally through B3SCI Records and Kaya Kaya Records, while continuing to work on his next full length release.

Drifter / Shibuya

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