TOMAGA channel various forms of multi-instrumentalism into music that moves by turns through industrial, jazz, psychedelia and minimalism, on it’s way to somewhere wholly other. Devoted to musical exploration, this London based duo - Valentina Magaletti and Tom Relleen - obsessively deconstruct familiar tropes, looking for the tension that lies between improvisation and form. Following the release of their second album ‘The Shape Of The Dance’ September 2016, TOMAGA will release a new four track EP 'Greetings from The Bitter End' which features two new songs and reworkings from good pals Shit and Shine and Cavern Of Anti-Matter. The impetus for the new EP came when the pair returned from recording the last album in Tuscany and acquired a marimba on arrival back in London, this unleashed a "tuned percussion journey" resulting in the mantra like 'Liberating Mania'. The title track is a more ambient and atmospheric affair - a textured build up of percussive parts and features Rick Tomlinson on hornet.

Always open to collaboration with outside bodies (as well as touring with the likes of Wire, Deerhoof and Silver Apples), the pair have previously been invited by Turner Contemporary Gallery to stage a performance using the artworks of Pedro Reyes (re-conditioned weapons confiscated by Mexican police from drug cartels and turned into instruments) as inspiration and also contributed a sound object to the Yoko Ono exhibition ‘Lumiere De L’aube’, and are part of an all-star line up in The Can Project - a band put together by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth in tribute to pioneers, Can.

Liberating Mania

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